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Character Name: Mary Ann McGarrett
Series: Hawaii Five-0 [2010]
Age: 31
From When?: Season 1:Episode 13

Inmate/Warden: Inmate. Mary is not an evil person or a hardened criminal. She is a nice person with good intentions but she is constantly and consistently making bad decisions, often with little regard to the dangers to herself and/or others or potential consequences to her actions. Mary assumes that if she’s caught, she can talk her way out of a situation or someone will help her out.

During her time on the Mainland, Mary is arrested for possession and was looking at time in prison. Despite not seeing her brother since they had been sent away, Mary reached out to Steve who was able to pull some strings for her and get a plea deal for her which included a mandatory stint in rehab. She took the deal, checked into rehab and went through the process in order to fulfil her obligations but since checking out, she hasn’t abstained from drug and/or alcohol use and she continues to lead a “party girl” lifestyle with the same circle of destructive friends. On the plane to Hawaii for her father’s funeral, Mary tried to smoke some weed in the plane and she showed up to her father’s funeral high and inappropriately flirted with her father’s colleagues. Mary doesn’t fully believe that she has an addiction problem.

When Mary is in trouble, she is never ready to accept the consequences of her decisions. Instead, she believes that she can rely on other people to bail her out of trouble and often thinks it’s their duty to do so. This mostly falls on Steve. Whenever she gets into trouble, she calls her brother and waits for him to sort it out for her. This behaviour continues and is evidenced by her disabling the smoke detector in the airplane which led to her arrest but before she could be formally charged, her brother, the leader of the 5-0 Task Force in Hawaii, was able to get her released into his custody and saved her from prosecution. When Steve had to leave Mary to work a case, he arranged to have a friend, Kamekona, watch her and Kamekona’s sole purpose was to keep Mary in Steve’s office until he returned. Mary manipulated Kamekona and “escaped” thus breaking Steve’s arrangements with the authorities which put her freedom and her brother’s reputation at risk. She also told Steve to find their father’s killer and hurt him, which would jeopardize Steve’s reputation if he was to hurt and/or kill someone out of sheer revenge (not to mention he’d be charged with murder if caught). She also disregards her brother’s active investigation into their father’s death. She stole Steve’s credit card and committed fraud by using it to buy an old computer without a second thought as to the potential consequences. Steve told her to leave the evidence of his investigation alone and she still did not listen, which led to her abduction which Steve had to rescue her from, putting his life and the life of his partner, Detective Sergeant Danny Williams, in danger. Mary shows little to no disregard to Steve’s job and the fact that he could get into serious trouble by consistently having to cover her messes up and/or bail her out of trouble.

Mary barely respects authority. She constantly pushed her boundaries as a kid with her parents and paid absolutely no attention to her Aunt Deb when she tried to reign Mary in. Mary can’t hold down a steady job as she keeps getting fired for insubordination or lack of respect to the rules of the job (i.e. actually showing up to work). Mary’s not afraid of being arrested by the police, and has been many times as seen by her familiarity with cop short hand, and she feels that Steve will always help her out. She doesn’t listen to her brother when he told her to stay out of his investigation into their father’s murder. If Mary continues to keep up with her destructive behaviour, use of drugs and blatant disregard for authority, could potentially lead to her getting hurt or killed or even getting her brother hurt or worse due to his need to protect his little sister.

Mary can’t maintain a healthy relationship. While in Hawaii and living in Steve’s house, her ex-boyfriend called her and told her he wanted her back. Mary was busy mixing drinks and was intending to drink and get drunk alone.

Mary has abandonment issues and she will do whatever it takes to not have to talk about her feelings. Mary doesn’t trust easily. The only person that she truly trusts is her brother (and by extension, the Five-0 Task Force after she met them) but a large part of Mary remains closed off to the world as she almost expects people close to her to let her down.

Item: N/A

Abilities/Powers: As Mary is human she has no special skills or powers and like other humans, she is prone to illness and injury. I’m sure her brother would say that her ability is getting herself into trouble.

Personality: Although Mary is an adult, she often behaves similar to a teenager at times and is often out of control and erratic. She only thinks of the now and never the future (i.e. long term employment, no home ownership, no ties to one specific place, etc.) She is the Queen of Bad Decisions and she seems to go looking for trouble, though she would argue that trouble seems to find her. Mary is very much a “jump first, think later” kind of person and this has often led her in some bad situations in her past.

Mary has some father issues as she felt abandoned when he sent her and her brother to the mainland and she felt like she meant nothing to her father and her father didn’t love her. She also holds a lot of resentment towards her father for sending her away to live with her Aunt Deb and sending Steve away to military school, when she was 11 and he 15. At the time their father sent the siblings to the mainland, it was just days after their mother’s death. Mary needed her father and her brother more than ever and her father ripped their family apart and it is something that Mary still resents to this day.

In the past, Mary has struggled with some addiction issues. She used to be quite the party girl (still is to an extent) and she became dependent on alcohol, weed and cocaine. Mary continued with this destructive behaviour until she was forced into rehab after being arrested. She still uses drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism when she’s feeling stressed or anxious.

Mary also considers herself a screw up. Ever since her father sent her away, she feels like she is worthless and unwanted. She feels like everything she touches falls apart or leads her into some sort of trouble. After she was released from rehab, nothing changed as she doesn’t feel she has a problem and she is still maintaining the same circle of destructive friends.

Despite her tough exterior, Mary cares for her and is loyal to her friends. If her friends needs her help, she will do whatever she can to help them out, even if it involves criminal activity. Mary has also been known to the take the rap for her friends as she believes that she can get the charges dropped by her brother pulling strings.

Despite not seeing or talking to her brother, Mary is and will forever be loyal and protective of Steve. She would do anything for Steve without question or thought (even if it involved doing something illegal) and these feelings have only intensified after their father’s death because Steve is all she has left of her family. She is also incredibly proud of her brother and his career with the Navy SEALs and now his work with the Five-0 Task Force in Hawaii. That being said, Mary doesn’t respect his authority when it comes to her. Instead she tells him what she wants to hear and then does what she wants. She has no issue lying to him and is good at it. She knows how to manipulate him and that he has a soft spot for her and will give in to her. This can be seen when she steals the floppy disk out of the toolbox. He knows she took it but she denies it to his face.

Mary is very intelligent when she applies herself, though her over protective big brother may not always agree with her methods on how she applies herself. Despite her brother telling her that their father sent them away when they were kids due to the dangers of the investigation into their mother’s death, Steve’s insistence that she stay out of his investigation into their father’s death and to leave the Champ toolbox alone, Mary still goes behind her brother’s back without thought or concern. After examining the contents of the toolbox, she steals Steve’s credit card to buy an old computer that has a floppy disk drive so that she could examine the contents of the disk that was in the toolbox. She was also able to piece together the clues of the contents of the box and was able to make more progress with the clues than her brother had been able to. She discovered the link to Moma’s (an island native who taught Steve and Mary how to surf) shop from the postcard that came from his store. When she questioned him about it, he mentioned that he saw someone tampering with her mother’s car and this led to Mary discovering who was responsible for her mother’s death. She also recognized the police shorthand on the postcard as well as symbols that were part of a riddle that she she recognized from a Sherlock Holmes story. Mary also took pictures of the contents of the toolbox (where her brother had not) so when the box was stolen, Steve had the pictures to refer to and further his own investigation. Mary also naturally sorted the pictures in a way her brother hadn’t thought of him, leading to further realizations and developments.

When Mary was abducted, she thought to hide her phone on her person and luckily for her, her kidnappers didn’t think to search her. When she was in the trunk of the car, she was able to call for help and instead of calling 911, Mary called her brother knowing that she’d have better luck with being found if she connected with her brother over some unknown 911 dispatcher.

Mary is also good at reading people. As previously mentioned, Mary was able to read Kamekona when he was watching her and manipulated him with the information she was able to obtain from him and it allowed her to “escape”.

Mary can be sarcastic and she is scrappy. She may not have the training that her brother has in hand to hand combat but she certainly knows how to put up a fight and defend herself. And like a true McGarrett, she’s stubborn as anything. When she was being abducted she managed to knock one of the kidnapper’s tooth out during the struggle.

Barge Reactions: Mary’s canon is similar to our reality. Supernatural creatures such as mutants, vampires, witches, etc. exist only in stories, television shows and movies. Upon her arrival on the Barge, Mary will unlikely believe her situation. Prior to her arrival, she will have been tortured quite brutally for information that her captors thinks she has and then murdered. She will arrive quite panicked and inconsolable as she will be confused and perhaps think that this is the work of her captors. Once she calms down, she will learn to adapt to her new home. Other species on the Barge may be met with some apprehension at first but will turn into curiosity. Mary is used to being surrounded by all sorts of different people and she has never taken any issues with that. She will enjoy making new friends-probably with the wrong kind as she seems to attract the wrong types of friends.

If there is one thing that Mary is good at doing, it’s adapting to new situations. She moved around a lot with Aunt Deb as her aunt was a singer. She had to learn to make new friends in new schools and neighbourhoods. Due to her inability to think and plan for the future and her knack for getting fired from jobs, Mary is used to making the best of her situation and making due with what is presented to her.

When it comes to getting used to life on the Barge, Mary will likely find it easy to adapt to her new home but it won’t be without it’s difficulties and struggles as she’s stubborn by nature and doesn’t adhere well to authority. Mary will tell her Warden (or any other person of authority) what they want to hear and then likely do the opposite when she’s unsupervised.

When it comes to breaches and floods, Mary will likely be taken aback by them at first (especially if they involve magic or supernatural creatures as these do not exist in her canon) but again, she’s quick to adapt and through trial and error, she will find a way to make the best of unknown situations. If there are other people on the Barge struggling with a flood or breach, she will reach out to them and try to help them deal with the situation or at least try to provide some comfort and reassurance that things will be okay in the end.

Mary may even think of breaches and floods as being similar to being high or on a trip and she may even be amused that she gets to experience the “high” without actually doing any drugs or that everyone on the barge has been drugged somehow.

Path to Redemption:

Mary believes that she is a colossal screw up. She feels like she is worthless and unwanted and as a result, everything that she touches falls apart or leads her into trouble. As a kid she was constantly pushing her boundaries with her parents and when she was sent to live with her Aunt Deb, she continued to be rebellious and even reckless at times. This behaviour continues in her adult life, i.e. being arrested for minor misdemeanours and possession of drugs, disabling the smoke detector on the airplane, not listening to her brother when he told her to leave the toolbox alone (which led to her kidnapping) and stealing her brother’s credit card to do her own investigation as to the contents of the toolbox.

Mary is used to feeling like she has been abandoned. Shortly after her mother’s death, at a time that she needed her father and brother the most, her father sent her and Steve to the mainland and separated them and during her time with her Aunt Deb, her father barely contacted her. By acting out, she was hoping to obtain some acknowledgement from her father that he cared about her, so much so what she was willing to even accept his disappointment. While John thought it was best and sent her away to keep her safe, she still holds resentment towards him.

Mary uses drugs and alcohol as a way to cope and she needs to learn more healthy ways of dealing with stress. She often feels like she’s a disappointment to her brother but doesn’t know how to stop the behaviour that makes her feel like a disappointment. So she falls back on drugs and alcohol as a way to forget about her feelings for a short while.

Mary is going to need someone who can reign her in when she starts pushing boundaries, which she will ultimately do and her Warden is going to have to be able to push back when needed. Mary will resist her Warden’s authority at first and push limits to see how much she can get away with but as she starts to trust and respect her Warden, she will eventually yield. Ultimately, Mary needs to feel like she is wanted by someone and that no matter what she does, her Warden will not abandon her when she screws up.

Mary also needs to gain confidence in herself and realize that while she will continue to make mistakes throughout her life, she is not a screw up and her mistakes do not have to be her undoing. She needs to retrain her way of thinking that everything she touches falls apart. She will continue to make bad and rash decisions at times but hopefully through her Warden’s guidance and support, she will learn to think critically about situations and make the appropriate decisions.

The one issue I do see with Mary is the presence of her brother on the Barge. She is incredibly loyal to Steve and if anyone threatens him or he gets hurt, she will do whatever she needs to do to help her brother even if it puts her safety in jeopardy. No matter what Mary’s Warden does to try to correct this behaviour, this fact will never change.

Deal: N/A

History: Mary is the youngest child to her parents, Detective John McGarrett and CIA agent Doris McGarrett. She has an older pain in the ass brother, Steven McGarrett.

After her mother was murdered, John was left to raise Mary and Steve on his own. Unbeknownst to Steve and Mary, their father was investigating the Yakuza who he believed was responsible for Doris’ death.

Due to her father’s investigation shaking up some unsavoury people, John started to fear for Mary and Steve’s safety and sent them to separate places on the mainland with neither of the McGarrett siblings knowing their father’s true reasoning or intentions.

Mary later moved to Los Angeles where she fell into the wrong crowd. She got into the party scene, began drinking heavily and she also started experimenting with drugs. She started with pot and then got into the harder drugs, which eventually led to a stint in rehab. Mary has and continues to use drugs and alcohol to cope when she is feeling stressed or anxious.

Doris’ death took an emotional toll on Mary and her relationship with her father and brother became strained because of it. As Mary grew older, she resented her father for breaking up their family and sending her and Steve away. Perhaps she even resented her brother a tiny bit as it seemed to her that John favoured Steve. Mary always felt like a colossal screw up and a disappointment to both her father and her brother.

After John’s death, Mary returned to Hawaii for her father’s funeral where she attended the service while high on drugs. She returned to California only to return to Hawaii a few weeks later. Before her feet were on Hawaiian soil, Mary was caught trying to disable a smoke detector in the airplane which activated the detector and upon landing she was arrested. Before she could be charged with a federal offence, Steve was able to have Mary released into his custody. Mary apologizes to Steve for “messing up” again. Steve comments that he didn’t see Mary at their father’s funeral and Mary then reminds Steve that she hasn’t seen Steve since their mother’s funeral, which was ten years ago, and then wonders why they can’t have normal family reunions at a picnic. Steve is called out to a case and when they arrive on the crime scene, he tells Mary to stay in the car. Mary tells him that she is not a dog and when he repeats his order for her to stay, she starts barking. At Steve’s request, Mary is taken to his office by an officer who stands and keeps watch over her until Steve returns several hours later.

Despite Steve’s apology for the wait, she is unforgiving as she asks if his idea of a welcome was to pin her to a cop. Steve tells her that he’s trying to keep her out of jail. The McGarrett siblings then have a small heart to heart where Mary tells Steve that she felt that she was invisible to their father and she would have taken any form of emotion from their father-even disappointment. Steve told Mary that their father did love them but had a hard time showing it. Steve then introduces her to Danny Williams and she teases him for wearing a tie in Hawaii. Kamekona then shows up at Steve’s office and Steve explains that he is there to make sure that she stays put in his office, which Mary voices her full displeasure, which falls on her brother’s deaf ears. During Kamekona’s watch, she is able to slip out and she is later found by Steve at their father’s graveside where he joins her with a paper bag. When asked what is inside the bag, Steve tells her it’s lunch and they both sit down and have the picnic that Mary wanted.

Mary stayed with her brother for a few weeks. One night while she is watching TV, a commercial advertising the “Hawaii Chair” comes on. She tries to change the channel but realizes that the remote needs new batteries. Going into Steve’s office in the house, she searches for batteries but comes across a toolbox with the word “Champ” on it. Mary opens the toolbox and looks at the contents before calling Steve to ask him about the toolbox and why there are pictures of burned people and postcards from Japan. Steve orders her to put the box back as it’s evidence for a crime. Mary tells Steve that she’ll put the box back but instead searches the contents and takes pictures of the contents with her phone.

After moving into a rental home, Steve’s house was broken into and the Champ toolbox was stolen. Knowing that other than the Five-0 crew, Steve had only talked to Mary about the toolbox, he became concerned for her safety and went to her house with Danny to check on her but they found signs of a struggle, blood, a tooth and no Mary.

While Steve and Danny started their search for Mary, Mary found herself bound and in the trunk of a car and was lucky enough that her abductors didn’t take her cell phone away from her. Calling Steve in a panic, her brother was able to calm her down enough and instructed her to kick the tail light of the car out and describe what she saw. She did as she was told and thanks to Chin tracing her cell phone and her description, Steve and Danny were able to rescue her.

After having her injuries checked out (most likely at Steve’s insistence), Steve brought Mary back to the Five-0 headquarters where it came out that Mary had taken pictures of the items in the Champ toolbox before it was stolen. She also recognized some symbols on a postcard as being from a Sherlock Holmes story and offers her intel to her brother. [**See Game Specific Canon Divergence below**]

Because of her brother’s fearing for her safety as it’s known that she has knowledge of the Champ toolbox and the investigation, he takes a page out of their father’s book and takes Mary to the airport to send her back to Los Angeles. Mary and Steve hug as her flight is called and Steve promises Mary that they will see each other again.

Game Specific Canon Divergence: To give Mary a death scene, her brother was not successful in locating Mary after she had been abducted and she was brutally tortured for the information that her captors thought she had and then killed.

Sample Journal Entry:

I don’t know how I got here or why I’m here but you should know that my brother is looking for me and he will find me! I can promise you that you’re not going to enjoy it when my brother does get his hands on you so you should just let me go right now and maybe my brother might let you live.

And why am I sitting in my room in my house? I mean, I’ve never kidnapped anyone before but I’m pretty sure you’re doing it all wrong! First, you forget to take my phone away from me before shoving me in the trunk of a car. Then you take me home and give me another phone? Pretty sure you are the worst kidnappers in the history of kidnappers!

Sample RP:

Mary didn’t know what was happening. The last 24 hours had been pretty much a blur to her. Despite her best efforts to defend herself against the three men that broke into her home, Mary had been abducted and shoved into a trunk of a car. She could only hope that her brother would notice that she’s missing. Whoever her kidnappers were, they were lazy or maybe just plain dumb as they had neglected to take her phone away from her before shoving her in the trunk. Mary had been able to make a phone call and connect with her brother but the call dropped as her battery died. It was that moment that Mary truly began feeling desperation build inside of her. In the precious few minutes that she had been able to talk to her big brother, Steve had promised her that he’d find her. She knew that her brother would turn the island upside down looking for her. She could only hope that he’d find her sooner rather than later.

When the men pulled her out of the trunk, she fought as viciously as she could but it was no easy task as her hands were restrained with duct tape and the men were both stronger and larger than she was. When she had lashed out at one of the men, he backhanded her hard, sending her falling to the ground. She fought the tears that the strike had brought to her eyes as she tried to move away from her attackers but after delivering a kick or two to her ribs, they picked her up and tossed her into a chair, removing her restraints only to strap her down to the chair she was sitting in.

It wasn’t long after that a man by the name of Wo Fat showed up and for hours, he interrogated her while he and his minions continued to smack her around, cut her and subjected her to the archaic torture of waterboarding. All for information on the toolbox that had been stolen from Steve’s home and the knowledge that they thought she had. She did have knowledge of the contents of the box, Steve’s interest in the box as well as her own theories but she was not going to give any of that information to these men. She would protect her brother.

She had been left alone for several hours, shivering as her water soaked clothes dried and the adrenaline in her body wore off. She was exhausted from the torture she had been subjected to and then her subsequent struggling against her restraints. She was also terrified. She glanced at the door of the room that she was being held in, willing her brother to burst through it and save her from the hell she had found herself in but she knew it was wishful thinking. Even if she gave up everything she knew about the contents of the toolbox and details of Steve’s investigation, she knew that they’d kill her. The very thought brought tears to her eyes that she had to force herself to blink back. She had to stay strong. She had so much she wanted to say to her brother before she left the world and she would give anything just to be able to tell her big brother that she was proud of him, that she was sorry and most importantly, that she loved him.

It wasn’t long until Wo Fat returned and continued his torture. As she struggled to sputter water from under the cloth as a bucket of water was poured over her face, she felt her will starting to break. But after the cloth was removed and she coughed up the water, she forced herself to stay strong. She knew she was going to die but she would die protecting her brother. It wasn’t long after that she found herself staring at the barrel of a gun, flinching as she heard the gunshot.

She clenched her eyes shut, waiting for the impact of the bullet that never came. Opening her eyes, she found herself sitting in a chair in a room that looked much like her room in the McGarrett household. She was still drenched with water and her arms beared the wounds of the cuts that were left on her. Her ribs and face were also bruised and her lungs felt heavy from the waterboarding she had been subjected to. Mary tried to hold back the panic she felt as she looked around the room. What was going on? What was this place? Was this hell?

She quickly rose to her feet and looked around the room, looking for anything that she could use as a weapon but found nothing. She was still confused as to why it looked exactly like her childhood room but it was something she would think about later, for now, she had to focus. If Wo Fat had moved her to a different location, she had to find a way out. Trying the door, she was relieved to find it unlocked. She peeked out before stepping out into the hallway. She tried to remain calm but she found herself jogging down the hall. When she gave a panicked glance over her shoulder to make sure she wasn’t being followed, she suddenly ran into something solid and it didn’t take long for her to realize that it was a person. It was that instant that Mary panicked. She felt the person put their arms on hers as a means to steady her but she took that as a threat. Mary struggled to pull herself free from the person’s arms. “Get your hands off of me! Let me go!” Mary’s voice was laced with fear.

Special Notes: I have been enabled here by Mitch. She has given her blessing in having Mary join the Hawaii Five-0 cast on the Barge.