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CONTACT METHOD: E-Mail: ashley.lyon84@gmail.com
FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: Fourth Walling: Please contact to discuss. Canon Puncturing: Okay with it but please give a heads up first. Canonmates that come from later canon points: Totally okay with it but would like a heads up before the information is relayed to Mary in the game.
BACKTAGGING: I have absolutely NO problem with that whatsoever.
AVOIDED TOPICS: I'm not a big zombie person. It's not that I'm uncomfortable with it just that zombies are not my thing. That being said, if they are brought in as plot, I'd still participate!

CURRENT CANON POINT: Season 1: Episode 13 after her abduction. Game Specific Canon Divergence: To give Mary a death scene, her brother was not successful in locating Mary after she had been abducted and she was brutally tortured for the information that her captors thought she had and then killed.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Mary is 5'5, weighs approximately 120lbs and has a slim build. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes. Mary is often found in jeans and casual shirts. She often wears heels to give her some added height but likely on the barge she will be found in running shoes.
DEMEANOR: Although Mary is an adult, she often behaves similar to a teenager at times and is often out of control and erratic. She only thinks of the now and never the future (i.e. long term employment, no home ownership, no ties to one specific place, etc.) She is the Queen of Bad Decisions and she seems to go looking for trouble, though she would argue that trouble seems to find her. Mary is very much a “jump first, think later” kind of person
ABILITIES: As Mary is human she has no special skills or powers and like other humans, she is prone to illness and injury. I’m sure her brother would say that her ability is getting herself into trouble. Mary is good at reading people and can manipulate people with the information that she obtains from someone and often uses this skill to her advantage.
MEDICAL INFORMATION: Mary is in good health. She does struggle with drug/alcohol use.
CABIN INFORMATION: The door to her cabin is a typical wooden door that looks similar to the one of her childhood bedroom. Her cabin is a replica of her childhood room.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: Threatening her brother and violence to children. At the time of her arrival she had just been tortured before being murdered which will make Mary a little more sensitive to any topic involving torture.

MENTAL: Yes but please give a heads up first!
MIMICRY: Definitely!
VIOLENCE: Yes but please give a heads up first!
MAGIC: Can another character use magic on your character?
DEBATE: Yes but please give a heads up first!
OTHER / NOTES: I'm pretty open to doing anything to Mary with a heads up first just to make sure we're on the same page. Also I think it's worth mentioning that should something happen to Mary (a fight, violence, etc.) it is very possible that Mary's brother, Steve McGarrett, will be showing up at the other character's door at some point.
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